George Loveless’ Last Will and Testament

I have uploaded George Loveless’ Last Will and Testament to the website. It can be found as entry iv) under the “Related Documentation” tab, or by clicking here. It is a “copybook” version plus my own transcription. The will transferred ownership of the concession IV farm to his son Thomas, and thus was “copied” as aContinue reading “George Loveless’ Last Will and Testament”

Potential breakthrough in the search for James Loveless’ family

As we know, Martyr James Loveless was the younger brother of George. When he was transported, he left a pregnant wife and two children in England. While away he then became the father of three children. When he returned home, he was the father of only one child, as the youngest two had died inContinue reading “Potential breakthrough in the search for James Loveless’ family”

Martyrs Memorial in London, Ontario

Hi all, You might know that I gave a zoom talk for the Tolpuddle Radical History School in December about the Martyrs in Canada ( For technical reasons I had to wing it without notes, so there are a few niggly slips of the tongue which I hope nobody was paying enough attention to toContinue reading “Martyrs Memorial in London, Ontario”

A connection of the TM’s to British Peerage

The TM’s connect to the British Royal Aristocracy through the Fortescue=Wilbraham line.The 1st Earl Fortescue’s (1753-1841) daughter, Lady Anne Fortescue (1787-1864), married George Wilbraham (1779-1852).  Their great granddaughter, Barbara Francesca Wilbraham (1897-1979), married a Canadian, Henry (Harry) Ernest Plant (1892-1981).  Barbara is the 2nd great-granddaughter of the 1st Earl Fortescue, and her husband Harry isContinue reading “A connection of the TM’s to British Peerage”

John Loveless (1786-1861) Dorset Poor Law Settlement and Removal Records

John86 was apparently on hard times in his senior years, and was on Parish Relief. This Removal Order from February 1859 essentially was to assign his Parish Relief from Bridport to Burton Bradstock and to physically remove him thereto. He must have shortly thereafter arranged to come to live with his son Thomas in Ohio,Continue reading “John Loveless (1786-1861) Dorset Poor Law Settlement and Removal Records”

Who was the wife of John Loveless (1786-1861) – Ann Mary Way or Ann Moore?

last updated may 6 , 2021 John Loveless (1786-1861) was the oldest brother of the TM’s George and James. For many years, genealogists have been confounded by the question of who he was married to. Various people have chosen one over the other. The dilemma has really been exacerbated by the large number of John’sContinue reading “Who was the wife of John Loveless (1786-1861) – Ann Mary Way or Ann Moore?”