John Loveless (1786-1861) Dorset Poor Law Settlement and Removal Records

John86 was apparently on hard times in his senior years, and was on Parish Relief. This Removal Order from February 1859 essentially was to assign his Parish Relief from Bridport to Burton Bradstock and to physically remove him thereto. He must have shortly thereafter arranged to come to live with his son Thomas in Ohio, as he appears with him in the census there. He passed away there in 1861.

The removal order does not mention his wife Ann, which makes one think she may have passed away by then, or at least was not living with him. In the 1851 census she was described as “infirm” and so perhaps was living with someone who could take better care of her. The fate and death of Ann is all conjecture as we know nothing of her beyond the 1851 census. As described in the previous post she may have also died at sea on the voyage over, as she does not appear in the 1860 US census for Ohio.

The actual Removal Order document can be found at Dorset Poor Law Settlement and Removal Records .

A transcription of this document by Gayle Young can be found here.

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