George Loveless’ Last Will and Testament

I have uploaded George Loveless’ Last Will and Testament to the website. It can be found as entry iv) under the “Related Documentation” tab, or by clicking here.

It is a “copybook” version plus my own transcription.

The will transferred ownership of the concession IV farm to his son Thomas, and thus was “copied” as a legal instrument into the Land Records of London Township. Thus, the handwritten portion is not actually in George’s hand, but in that of the transcriber. I have taken a shot at interpreting the handwriting, so it may not be totally correct. If you see words that you think are wrong, please let me know.

The will is unremarkable, but is an interesting glimpse into George’s life. One thing that amused me somewhat is that it sets aside some of his estate to pay his “just debts and funeral expenses”….. I wish he had included an amount to maintain his grave! (But maybe he knew that some of his ancestors would step forward 150 years later and look after this for him)🙂