Martyrs Memorial in London, Ontario

Hi all,

You might know that I gave a zoom talk for the Tolpuddle Radical History School in December about the Martyrs in Canada


For technical reasons I had to wing it without notes, so there are a few niggly slips of the tongue which I hope nobody was paying enough attention to to catch.

However there is one thing that was omitted that I really wanted to point out.

I showed a slide of the Forks of the Thames in London, Ontario as seen below:

I mentioned that George Loveless had a 4th concession farm which backed on to the North Branch, in London Township, blah, blah, blah. What I failed to mention was that this is a very prominent historical spot in London, and the Martyrs’ memorial is right there, where the red circle is. So if you ever come to London, you should go to the Forks and view it!

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