Searching for James Loveless’ family…

Well, the situation is complicated.  We cannot find any evidence that Sarah and Eli came over with Martyrs James and George Loveless, and James Brine. Nor is there any trace of James’ family in England. What information we can find about a Sarah or an Eli Wesley Loveless does fit in some regard, but notContinue reading “Searching for James Loveless’ family…”

The Search for the Martyrs on Passenger Lists

Looking through passenger lists for the Martyr families has not been successful so far. It is not an easy job. Not all lists are online, and with many, the writing is terrible. Passenger lists are very helpful in determining who came with whom, and when, and from where to where. In the case of theContinue reading “The Search for the Martyrs on Passenger Lists”

The Tolpuddle plaque below is not quite accurate….

Please note that in 1844 only the Lovelesses and Brines migrated to this district. The Standfields did not come until 1846. Also, only George returned to England in June 1837. James Loveless, the Standfields, and Brine returned in March 1838, and Hammett did not make it back until August, 1839. (note that their pardon wasContinue reading “The Tolpuddle plaque below is not quite accurate….”